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Working closely with hospitality businesses to reduce their environmental impact.  

FEAST Eco-Hospitality Solutions is an environmental consultancy firm helping small, medium and large businesses in the Irish and UK hospitality industry become greener.

The global hospitality industry is responsible for about 1% of the world's carbon emissions, while the wider tourism industry is responsible for nearly 10%. The hotel and restaurant sector must cut it's carbon footprint by 90% by 2050 to meet the 2-degree climate threshold agreed upon by world leaders at COP21.

FEAST Eco-Hospitality Solutions work closely alongside restaurants, cafés and hotels in Ireland and the UK to create bespoke solutions to help these businesses reduce their environmental impact while also increasing their bottom line. 

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In-Depth Audit

Environmental Opportunities

Environmental Action Plan

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Why Choose Us

- Unlike other consultants who just offer basic online mentoring, we spend lots of time at your establishment during the auditing stage so that we can identify the greatest environmental opportunities and produce the most suitable action plan.

- Comprehensive, bespoke and effective solutions guaranteeing a lower carbon footprint and lower bills.

- Help, advice and regular return visits during the implementation stage.

- Training & development sessions with management and staff.

- We are the only consultants helping hospitality businesses practice and adhere to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

- Free social media and website coverage promoting your businesses environmental efforts.

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